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XLAB: STAC History

In Fall 2020, a committee came together to revise STAC’s twenty-year-old Mission Statement. What this process revealed was just how little the campus community knew about the history of the College. And so, once the mission was revised, the committee set out to remedy that disconnect.

Professors Shultz, Sewell, and Belissio, along with Board of Trustee Member Sr. Peggy Scarano, established an interdisciplinary XLab Project devoted to telling the story of STAC. Students from History, Visual Design, English, and Communication Studies came together to begin collecting artifacts; they conducted interviews with those members of the community integral to the founding and evolution of the College; they began collecting items to be included in a physical archive; and they started working on designing an interactive, multimedia timeline.

The project aims to reveal the history of the college- its roots in the “tradition of study, reflection, and service” as articulated by its founders, the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill–and, in doing so, to deepen the community’s connection to the college and to its new mission.