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First Scene
This is the first scene in the video game, while the viewer is playing the game they will hear a narrator throughout all the scenes. The narrator will give you directions on where to go. For example, in this scene the narrator will give you instructions to walk across the bridge, once that is done another instruction will be given to you. You will see an arch way, the narrator will tell you to go under it in order to jump from different scenes.

Music Scene
This scene is the music scene, when outside the viewer is given instructions to go through a certain arch way. This will then bring the viewer to certain scene like this Music Scene. This scene is set in the time of WWII, the viewer will get the opportunity to listen to music from that time period, which gives the viewer an insight of what music was like back then.

Hub Scene
Do you notice that big arch way in front of the building? This is the arch way where the narrator will give you instructions on how to get from scene to scene by walking through them. In this particular scene when you go through the arch way, it will bring you into this big building that is behind the arch way.

Behind the Scenes
This is an insight of how creating a virtual reality game is done! What you see on this computer screen is located outside. If you look in the middle of the screen you will see a cube with three different colored arrows. Each color indicates how you will move a certain object. For example, if the developer wants to move a rock side to side they would hold down onto the red arrow, once they hold down onto that arrow they will now be able to move it into the direction they need it to be at. The green arrow means move up or down, and the blue arrow brings the object to the front of the screen or the back of the screen.

On the top photo, you will see the history Professor Chaturvedi. The history professor helps the students give feed back on how to incorporate history events into the game. The last photo, we have our music Professor Matthews. This professor will help out with how the narration and music should also be incorporated in each scenes. Right now what you see in these photos is the students giving an insight of how the VR game is going and what they did in order to achieve each scenes.

Testing Out the Game
Here we have our music professor testing out the VR game. Right now he is at The Starter Scene, in this scene you would get the opportunity of walking across the bridge which leads you to an arch way, you will hear the narrator give you instructions to go through that arch way. Going through this arch way will bring you to a different scene.

Here you will see the narration for the opening scene. This is the voice over you will be hearing throughout the game as you play all different scenes.